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Discovering The Answers To Level-headed Melbourne Victoria Tactics

Latest Australian news The Victorian government said that the new location, 500 Melbourne, will support at least 40 startups over the next two years, providing them access to its global network of businesses, mentors, and venture capitalists. It will also host year-round events to support startups and investors outside of its accelerator program. In a blog post doctor home loan australia Oak Laurel 0430129662 , 500 Startups said it was an ideal time for the firm to join the nation's innovation ecosystem. "The Australian ecosystem is at an inflection point, with more venture funding available than ever before and government championing an innovation agenda to legitimize and support startups," 500 Startups' business development lead Justin Ledbetter wrote in the blog post. Founder of 500 Startups Dave McClure said the firm had already invested in 20 Australian startups. "Partnering with Melbourne and LaunchVic helps us bring a slice of Silicon Valley to Australia through our startup, investor, and corporate programs. We can't wait to inspire more nerds like us to follow their entrepreneurial drive," McClure said. According to a statement issued by the Minister for Small Business, Innovation and Trade Philip Dalidakis, the launch of 500 Melbourne is "a big win for Victoria". "The move also further strengthens Victoria's growing reputation as the destination of choice for tech and startup investment, following moves by global leaders including Zendesk, Square, Slack, and Cognizant to set up their HQs in Melbourne," Dalidakis' statement read.

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